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44 deviants said Daisy XD
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Well, now that this big switch-over has ended, it has completely eaten up our funds. :grump:

So, we need help, and if you could spare any points, please donate. :)

Just click on that donate button below and remember, the more zeros, the better. ;) :XD:

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Got a new computer and have to restart from scratch. Son of a- :grump:
C'mon you goddamn computer! Don't you f**king die on me!!! :x #desperate
Don't Look at the Camera by Cj-The-Creator
Don't Look at the Camera
Hooray for more random Trainz shots. :D :suspicious 

Watch out for signalboxes, they aren't normal....

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite +fav, comment :comment:, donate Points, and check out my gallery. Gallery ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! Star!

Models provided by Si3D
Route by some girl. :p NOT Angela. :meow:
Swerves Him Right! by Cj-The-Creator
Swerves Him Right!
Diesel: ♪You're first Diesel ever~ I'm loyal, kind, and true~♫
Daisy: Ahem. -_-
Diesel: What do you want? :x
Daisy: :pissed:
Diesel: Umm......Daisy?
Daisy: Guys like you give diesels a bad name. :fight:

Étienne: One merciless beating later...

Daisy: Now I don't EVER want to have this CONVERSATION again! :rage: First diesel ever.....more like first mistake of many. :roll:

Yesh....lets just say Daisy didn't like Diesel's claim of being the Fat Controller's first Diesel ever, he may have been the first one introduced and on the island, but was never owned by Sir Topham Hatt. That's Daisy. :p

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite +fav, comment :comment:, donate Points, and check out my gallery. Gallery ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! Star!

Daisy and Diesel © HiT Ent.
Restored S.C.Ruffy by Cj-The-Creator
Restored S.C.Ruffy
Oliver: Look at you, so clean and professional. My little S.C.Ruffy is growing up! :D
S.C.Ruffy: Suck my @$$ you f**king ninny. :grump: :roll:

Here is S.C.Ruffy after his rebuild since his accident with Oliver, the sand, and that old lady.... I gave him his grump face hear, which could easily be swapped with his happy face in his rusty version from the main front view list. :)

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite +fav, comment :comment:, donate Points, and check out my gallery. Gallery ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! Star!

S.C.Ruffy © HiT Ent.
Belle Water Cannon Options by Cj-The-Creator
Belle Water Cannon Options
'I can't believe The Fat Controller bought a giant squirt gun on wheels...'
'He said something about the 'ultimate pool party'....'

I also made some option for Belle since if you're going to use her, she's probably going to be putting out a fire. :p Just add water! :la:

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite +fav, comment :comment:, donate Points, and check out my gallery. Gallery ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! Star!

Belle © HiT Ent.
Harvey Crane Arm Options by Cj-The-Creator
Harvey Crane Arm Options
♪To the left, to the left
James is off the rails in the feild to the left
To the left, to the left~♫

Look! I made Harvey usable this time! :D His hood should be easy enough to edit and to add more chains. :p

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite +fav, comment :comment:, donate Points, and check out my gallery. Gallery ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! Star!

Harvey © HiT Ent.
The First and Only Front View LIst by Cj-The-Creator
The First and Only Front View LIst

Also known as the first list of proper front views. ;p This list is, as of today, up to date on all sprites for anyone's use.

I also included the never before seen line-up of front view sprites of people ranging from Sir Topham Hatt to generic passengers.

I also ask you not to look back through my gallery and accidentally get outdated sprites, just use this instead.

The vast majority of this list are of my own creation of the engines, but still incorporated engines from ThomasNWRno1's original line-up and tried to preserve some of the finer ones as much as I could but still have them accurate.

On another note, I removed Ned from this list because if his bucket and arm obscuring his face, and I'll never make Marion sadly because the same thing will undoubtedly happen to her as well. The same for Jerome & Judy, Rocky, and for characters that aren't really in high demand like Collin. :p

But I did include eye colors since some of you add color to eyes, headlamps, tracks for all gauges, and an alternative coupling.

**EDIT** 1-23-16 - Added Lady and Proteus in their talisengine forms, but the wings, symbol on Lady's funnel, and eye colors could be easily removed

**EDIT** 2-8-16 - Added Geoffrey and Victoria! (Depicted like SI3D's model) New deigns for Toby, Spencer, The Flying Scotsman, Annie, Clarabel, and Oliver.

**EDIT** 3-11-16 - Redid Emily, Percy, Donald, Douglas, Gordon, Henry, Toby, Lady, and Edward. New faces and colors for Thomas, Duck, and James. Added Mallard and Ashima (Subject to change). Minor changes to Bertie and Bulgy. Moved some sprites around at the top of the list.

**EDIT** 3-17-16 - Removed all OCs left on the list, including The Krew. Redid Murdoch.

**EDIT** 3-28-16 - Added Porter! (Long over-due ^^;)

**EDIT** 4-2-16 - Made some very minor adjustments to Ashima, a.k.a practically redone the entire thing. :faint:

**EDIT** 4-24-16 - Added Axel and Gina! Minor adjustments made to Rosie and Ashima. Adjusted Duck's color.

**EDIT** 5-1-16 - Added Frieda! New versions of Arthur, Marklin, Fergus, and Diesel 10. Special treat for Ryan for BadCoal1995. ;)

**EDIT** 5-20-16 - Added Vinnie and Yong Bao! New version of Hiro! An alternate version of Flying Scotsman can be found here.  

**EDIT** 6-1-16 - Added Raul (Thanks to Meboy251867), Phillip, and Old Slow Coach. Tweaks to James, Edward, Bear, Luke, and Millie. Added headlamps to Flying Scotsman. A bit of re-organizing.

**EDIT** 6-8-16 - Added Étienne, Shane, and the Spiteful Breakvan. Redid Rosie's face.

**EDIT** - 6-14-16 -  The International Engines are finally finished! :D Added Rajiv, Ivan, and Carlos. Tweaks to Gina. Minor tweaks to Ashima.

**EDIT** - 7-11-16 - Updated Murdoch's boyfriendCharlie, Billy, and Neville.

**EDIT** - 7-29-16 - Added Barry (By BadCoal1995). Updated Whiff. Added leading bogies to Gordon, Henry, James, Edward, Emily, and so on... Edited BoCo and Daisy's faces. Fixed the spelling of 'Ffarquhar' for Daisy's destination board. Added Millie's eyeliner. Added Mallard's number to his front view.

**EDIT** - 8-7-16 - Gronks! All the Gronks! :o Redid Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Paxton, Sidney. Redid Dennis, Norman, and Bear (Based on WildNorWester's trainz model).

**EDIT** - 8-13-16 - Added Mr. Coffee Pot Glynn and Neil. Redid Stepney, Harvey, Belle, and Stanley. Redid Bill and Ben's faces.

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite, comment, donate, and check out my gallery. ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! :star:

NWR & other character © HiT Ent.

My Big A$$ Sprite List by Cj-The-Creator
My Big A$$ Sprite List

After constantly seeing people use the absolute worst version of these characters over and over again (:facepalm:), I decided to do you a good and post the sprite list I use. :faint:

You all don't realize how frustrating it is to post sprites that look exactly like the character's TVS version and not use it despite that's how you want them to appear. I make it and post them for a reason! If you think you're not allowed to use them, let me make this clear;


Feel free to credit me too if you used a sprite I legitimately made like Daisy, Ryan, Connor, Caitlin, my OCs, The Pack, Marion, Timothy, Sigrid, The Blisters, Reg, Millie, and etc.

Also, not all of these are mine, even if I edited them a bit. I do use sprites made by others like;
TheblueV3's Donald and Douglas, Express coaches and chassis,
JamesFan1991's Samson, Philip, Glynn, Sam, and Gator.
Meboy251867's Raul, Streamlined Thomas
and Zexion is where I originally started with all of them and been making changes since.

:star: Also, a new thing for sprites, exclusive for my collection, is a 3D effect for cabs and coaches where you can see seat, the opposite wall, and glass effects. I haven't completely gotten to every single one, but a good amount of them, for the most part, all engines should have their crew inside them. Passengers need to be added and that's a simple process and their fits are already here for you within the blue boxes. Some sprites are a bit complex to get characters into, Like Daisy and Bella, but I already have a version of her with passengers if you need that. :star:

I do have some Railway Series Characters, but those are limited and widely untouched because I follow the TVS more.

IF YOU USE TVS CHARACTERS, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO USE THIS SHEET because for the most part, I consider this extremely accurate.

**EDIT** 11-22-15 - Added Skiff, Jerome & Judy (Made by TheblueV3), The Adventure Begins Thomas and James, Old Shape Henry, Isobella with her trailer, Timothy the Ghost Engine, Ivy's Alchemy Train, and New Chassis for Old Slow Coach.

**EDIT** 2-27-16 - New Skarloey, Duke, and Bertram sprites, Updated Flora and her tram car, added the S&M Coaches (as depicted by SI3D), Updated Phillip, Updated Flying Scotsman, added Geoffrey, gave Toby a (sort of) wood texture, and updated Marion's colors.

**EDIT** Added Ashima (Modified form of JameFan1991's), made adjustments to Emily, New sprites for Billy and Charlie (:devRiverStationStudio:'s update), removed OCs, tweaked Flying Scotsman with Smoke deflector options, minor edits to the SKR engines, Millie, and Thomas, more accurate tenders for James and Edward, changed colors on Emily's coaches.

**EDIT** Added Frieda, Shane, Gina, Ivan, Shooting-Star Gordon, Streamlined Thomas, Streamlined Emily. Fixed the face sheet from being cut-off. More tweaks to Flying Scotsman

**EDIT** Added Vinnie, Axel, Etienne, Rajiv, Yong Bao, and Raul. Tweaked Freida and Ivan.

*EDIT** 4-28-16 (Seriously? I forgot to add dates? :O_o:) Added Carlos! New, large, sprite for Frieda. New sprites for Gina and Shooting Star Gordon. (All by BadCoal1995) Minor changes to Ashima, Rosie, Shane, and Axel.

**EDIT** 5-2-16 - Added crews to engines that were missing them. :p Updated Sidney and Paxton. Improved Frieda's color of blue.

**EDIT** - 5-23-16 - Updated Luke and Millie. (Suck on this Angela. :x) New Peter Sam and Raul sprites. Tweaks to Rheneas, Ashima, Gina, and Frieda.

**EDIT** - 6-8-16 - Redid Gina. New Stirling Single sprite. Replaced Streamlined Thomas. Color tweak to Shooting Star. Minor fixes.

**EDIT** - 6-17-16 - Redid Rajiv. Fixes to Ashima and Shane. Tweaks to Vinnie and Frieda. Stanley is perfect and Angela is stupid. Ryan is overrated.

**EDIT** - 6-26-16 - Redid Yong Bao. Added tail lamps and recolored all the other ones for all engines. Added Peter Sam's crew. Added Elizabeth's and the lorries drivers.

**EDIT** - 7-15-16 - New Axel and Barry sprites. Redid Emily and Stirling Single No.1. Added Decorated Emily.

**EDIT** - 7-29-16 - Updated Vinnie and Mallard. New Flying Scotsman and Barry sprites by BadCoal1995. Tweaks to Spencer, Bill, and Ben. Added Spencer in his 'Silver Link' design.

**EDIT** - 8-13-16 - Redid Spencer, Mallard, and Silver Link. Updates to Frieda by BadCaol1995. Added Signalboxes (By BadCoal1995) Beware! Tweaks to all the Gronks. Color changes to Harvey.

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite, comment, donate, and check out my gallery. ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! :star:

Thomas and Friends Characters © HiT Ent.

In The Fog by Cj-The-Creator
In The Fog
'It had become quite foggy during her trip, but Bella liked fog. It reminded her of seeing the coulds on her old Railway in northern Italy.

It had been quite the distance from the Skarloey Reailway to the yards at Vicarstown, the journey felt like months even thought it had only been a day or so. From what she was told, Bella know that this was a part of Vicarstown that was owened by the other railway and only their diesels work here. It was also rarely accessed by narrow gauge. Bella had shut her lights off in hopes she wouldn't draw any suspicion, bad enough the place creeped her out already, but the only decent source of light was a passing diesel railcar, like Daisy but two units and darker.
"Who goes there? Said a voice. Bella looked around but couldn't find the source, which made it sound all the spookier.
"I'm am a railway and yard inspection vehicle," Blurted out Bella.
"Hmmm.....Like that orange diesel from a few years ago?"
"Yes! We've realised that this area is overdue for inspection. I will proceed and will get your attention if I find any issues,"
"You don't look like an inspection unit.....more like a tram."
"How DARE you!" Snapped Bella, not missing a beat. "I'll have you know I have shut down more yards that you could count! I could have this entire area shut down, cleared out, and turned into a parking lot in a heartbeat!"
"Okay, okay, no need to do anything so rash ma'am..... Feel free to look around and I'll leave you to your business, "
"Thank you," Bella rolled further into the yard, letting go of the breath she didn't realise she was holding. He passed various rolling stock and idling diesels. She hoped that the engine she was looking for hadn't been found yet.

Proceeding forth, she Bella spotted a shape that stood out from the the rest. She pulled out alongside, relevied that she found Smudger who ended up running out of coal.....
"Thank Gawdry I found you," Spoke Belle, startling Smudger. "We've got to get you back to the Skarloey Railway before a diesel finds you,"
Smudger refused to look at her, he just kept his eyes down and looked utterly miserable. Bella could pick up on what he was saying.
"Why don't you want to go back?" She asked, gentely.
".......I'm......afraid......" Said Smudger in a voice no loudger than a whisper. Bella was surpised; from what she knew, he refused to speak to anyone, not even to the thin controller.
"Afraid of what?"
"Failing......and Duke....."
"Duke?" Bella was confused, but then she remembered something Duke told her about two years ago, "'re the engine from his story. But that was a long time ago, I'm sure that Duke has changed since then"
"I saw the way he looked at me when I got off that flatbed....He still hates me...."
Bella sighed. "Listen.....this is 2016 engines can have changes of heart. Sure Duke may not be one hundred percent thrilled to see you, but you have a clean slate with six other engines."
"Including you, that's seven I guess..."
"No, you don't just have a 'clean slate' with me."
"You have a friend in me."
Smudger blinked, he hadn't had a single friend in years, let alone one that was eager to be friends with him, and she was windows...and made odd humming noises.....
"Thank you........uh, can we go back?"
"Um, can you pull me? I'm kinda out of coal...."
"One more thing; I'm Smudger by the way."
"Oh, hey, I'm Bella."

Okay, I know this is LONG over due... *Narrowly dodges a thrown axe* How did that get through security? :O_o:

Here, is the true, epic, conclusion to Smudger's story. :D Now he and Bella will happily return to the Skarloey Railway even though they actually have been gone for roughly two days. Now, I'm gonna shut up because that story was long enough and you probably can't be bothered to read this. :p

You like my posts? Want to see more? Feel free to watch my profile, favorite +fav, comment :comment:, donate Points, and check out my gallery. Gallery ;) (Wink) And remember; Enjoy! Star!

Smudger © HiT Ent.
Bella © Me

Announcement! For you entertainment!

Mon Jun 20, 2016, 7:16 PM

Hello everyone, I have something very important to tell all of you about if you weren't aware.

If you know anything about my profile is that it follows my OC, Kristy, and her friends 'The Krew'. :) I happy to tell you that me and my friend, :iconbadcoal1995:, have been working on a series called 'Kristy and The Krew'

We tell the stories of my characters on the new Harwick branchline. :D See the exciting adventure of Kristy, Madison, Valentine, and company as well as your favorite canon and supporting characters like Daisy, Stanley, Ryan, Onyx, and more! :D

We're already eight episodes into the series, but you can still catch up! You can find what you missed here and be sure to watch her profile to get updates for when new ones are released. ;) She also does pretty cool stuff in trainz and with sprites.

  Kristy And The Krew E1 Kristy And The Krew Part 1
The sun rose over the hills as Kristy thundered down the line, her wheels pounding the rails "Hurry! hurry! hurry!" she panted "That stupid Toby! making me late" she grumbled "I'd think your passengers would like to get to their destination safely rather then on time" commented Austin "Quite so" agreed Artie.
At last the mainline came into view "Peep! peep!" whistled Kristy "Kristy!" yelled Austin "The signal! The signal!", It suddenly dawned on the little Y4 that the signal had indeed turned red, Her driver slammed on the brakes, "Oh dear" cried Austin "We're going to crash!" Cried Artie, then a deep whistle could be heard, Gordon came out of the blue with the express "Oh no!" shrieked Kristy, "Kristy!" shouted Gordon "look out!", Gordon suddenly swerved onto the other line, Kristy missed his brake coach by inches.
"Kristy!" groaned Gordon, Kristy was still in shock after the accident "I don't like the sound your brakes make when you stopped" said her driver "We ought take you to the
Kristy And The Krew E2 Kristy And The Krew Part 2
Valentine traveled down the beautiful seaside branchline that ran to Arlesburgh Junction. She reached it with no trouble, she looked to her right and gasped.
On the very narrow tracks beside her were two little tender engine's, one was blue and the other was red, "Oh my goodness!" she cried "You are so adorable!" "Excuse me?" said the red engine in a deep voice "I'm not adorable!" "Your so tiny! Like little toy steam engines! You're small enough to be pets!  I could take you to Harwick! and live we me and Kristy and Kat and everyone else!!!" she cried "I'm out!" said Mike and he backed away.
The next day Kristy was woken by Ryan's Whistle "Huh?!" grumbled Kristy "What was that for?" "Time to start work" said Ryan "But it's...7.00AM i'm gonna be late!" cried Kristy "Damn that new timezone!" and went to find Austin and Artie for their first passenger train, "Morning!" she said, she backed onto the two coaches quickly "Good morning to you too Kristy" yawned Austin "What's t
Kristy And The Krew E3 The Valentine Theory
One morning Valentine arrived at Harwick.
Kat was in the yard looking cross, she was covered in coal dust and her paint was scratched “What happened to you?” asked Valentine “Those trucks” said Kat, “They pushed me down a hill and i had to be diverted into a siding to avoid colliding with Kristy. Now i have to take another train back and they're sure to cause trouble again”
“If you like, i can take them” said Valentine “I don’t mind” “You don’t have to really” said Kat “But i can, you can take my next train, it’s in half an hour so you’ll have time for a wash down” said Valentine, Kat thought for a moment “Sure, Thanks Val” “No problem” said Valentine.
Valentine was coupled onto Kat’s trucks and set off.
All went well and they reached The harbour on time, she shunted her trucks onto a siding and set off for home, She was just leaving the harbour
Kristy And The Krew E4: The Engine In White
It was a cool morning at Harwick, Kristy was preparing to take Austin and Artie down to Arlesburgh, She was taking on water when Ivy bustled in.
“Kristy! Kristy!” She called “I’ve done some research on the Ghost, we have a class”
“What is it?” Asked Kristy.
“I think he’s an Great Eastern Railway F48 Class”
“What would he be doing round here?” Wondered Kristy “That’s a long way from his home,”
“Beats me,” said Ivy “I’ll try and find more out, goodbye!” And Ivy steamed away, leaving Kristy deep in thought.
Late that night Kristy decided to bring up the topic in the shed with the other engines, she told them what Ivy had said.
“That’s a long way from that railway, why would he be here?” Pondered Ryan.
“I don’t know” said Kristy “I hope Ivy’s able to find out more”
“Maybe, uh, I could ask Around?” Said Ryan
Kristy And The Krew E5 Kristy And Madison
It was a bright sunny Day On The Island Of Sodor, Paxton was taking a line of trucks from The Blue Mountain Quarry to the docks.
The train was heavy and was beginning to take its toll, As Paxton went up hill his wheels begun to slip on the rails “Come on! Come on!” He groaned, but no matter how hard he pulled he seemed to go nowhere.
Suddenly Paxton's engine made a noise like a tired sheep, and Next thing he knew he was rolling down the hill gathering speed “Grease and Oil! I can’t stop!” Cried Paxton, his driver bailed out as the little diesel overturned at the bend and came off the rails along with his several heavily loaded trucks.
Edward soon brought Rocky to clear the mess, The Fat Controller was aboard, “The accident was clearly not your fault” said The Fat Controller “But you will need to spend some time at the dieselworks I'm afraid” “But sir!” Said Paxton “What about my trucks?” “I’ll get
Kristy And The Krew E6: Daisy To The Rescue
It was a warm evening when Daisy cruised into Harwick, she’d had a tiring day and wanted to rest. When she pulled into the platform she noticed Kristy at the other platform “Good evening dear” she said, Kristy looked over and frowned “Hi.” replied Kristy firmly. Daisy continued.
“So was your day?” Asked Daisy “Fine.” said Kristy “That’s good, anything interesting?” “No.” “Oh...Okay” said Daisy, A bemused Daisy made her way to the shed.
This seemed to be regular for Daisy, she tried not to let it get to her, but there were times when she felt miserable “It’s all my fault really” she said “I was rude to her on her first day here”.
One day Daisy was at Arlesburgh Junction, Ivy chuffed in with the Gypsy train. “Good morning Daisy!” Said Ivy “What’s Up, you look upset?” “Nothing” sighed Daisy.
“Are you su
Kristy And The Krew E7: Onyx, Trucks and Trouble
One morning Kat backed Agatha and her coach into the station, and waited for the passengers to board, an unfamiliar whistle sounded out “Who’s that?” wondered Kat, as if on cue a small brown tender engine steamed round the bend with a line of hoppers, Kat could also make out another black engine at the back of the train, unlike Onyx he was much cleaner and bigger, with red and white lining.
The engine pulled into the yard and stopped at the water tower, Kat surveyed the engine at the front, he was filthy, his paint covered in rust, dirt, dents and scratches, he looked as though he’d been abandoned in a siding for centuries.  
The engine noticed Kat staring “Oh...hello there” he said “Is something wrong?” “Oh no...nothing's wrong” said Kat “The Fat Controller never said anything about a new engine though” Just then, with a toot and a screech Winston arrived, “Ah Kat, there are Onyx and Barry” Said T
Kristy and The Krew E8 A Grudge Of The Past
While Daisy was at the Diesel Works, Stanley did her work. All the engines got along with him, Kristy in particular.
One evening Onyx was in the sheds once again. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask” he said “Why is there Diesel fuel in the shed? No diesels sleep here” “Daisy usually sleeps here” said Ryan “But she’s at the diesel works after an accident” “What happened?” Asked Onyx “Daisy damaged herself badly trying to stop Kristy when she was a runaway” explained Kat.
“How brave of her” said Onyx “I hope she gets better soon, i’d like to meet her”
Onyx’s wish was granted, a few days later he was preparing to return to Arlesburgh Junction to fetch some more ballast, when he heard a familiar horn he hadn’t heard in years, his eyes widened “ couldn’t be...that’s impossible Onyx, she-”
A Green diesel cruised under the

  • Listening to: No - Meghan Trainor


Cj-The-Creator's Profile Picture
Not the average user
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
The Creator by Kimmy-Faith-Raven

Cj - :iconcj-the-creator: Friendship stamp by JinZhan Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317
Cj is the first of his kind, a strange form of locomotive that could wield magic, bear wings, and have a gem adorn his funnel, later coined as a ‘talisengine’. He’s a clever and reserved leader, who is top dog on Sodor, and he knows it. Always keeping a watchful eye of the island and his daughters, Kristy and Madison, leading others of his status like Lady and Proteus, and keeping the dreaded Montressor at bay.

Basis – Ability to change basis – Typically USA Dock Tank
Theme -…

The Krew
Kristy Kristy - Happy by Cj-The-Creator FRIENDS STAMP by emo-cityI Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dOnline friends stamp by Suyy

Kristy is a distinguished engine who has her fair share of obsceneness, impulses, and out-of-box humor as well as composure, grace, and beauty. She is the perfect mixture of harmony and chaos that she can apply to challenges her, along with her friends, face and is what makes her the perfect engine to run the new Harwick Branchline.

Basis - LNER Class Y4
Theme song -…

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Madison Madison - Evil Smile by Cj-The-CreatorStamps Hates You by Foxxie-ChanStress 3 by Foxxie-ChanI support not being ignorant. by plztikphishphood

Madison is a very outspoken engine. She displays a fiery attitude to anything she faces and doesn’t back down easily. Any social status, history, or wealth is not recognized her eyes as she sees anyone or anything bad and is not afraid to point out mistakes, deviant tendencies, and flaws of a character through sheer honestly and her use of the ugly truth.

Basis - Gem Vari-kit; freelance
The personality for Madison is inspired by the Nickeloeon charater from Victorious, Jade West.
Theme song -…

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Valentine Valentine - Happy by Cj-The-Creator - I Love Stamps by stamps-club I love Hugs - stamp by HavickArtLove by Marzarret

Valentine is an engine that is so sweet that it puts candy to shame. Seemingly a foil to Madison’s behavior, she has a very optimistic outlook on life by seeing kindness in people, finding joy in everyday items, and seeing the inner beauty of her surroundings. It takes a lot to knock this girl off her feet, but she always manages to keep herself at ease and floating on cloud nine.

Basis - LSWR M7 Class
Theme Song -…

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Ghost Ghost Icon by Cj-The-Creator - .Stamp. Ghost by KillMePleaseGod I love floating on clouds. by dashen15 I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain

Ghost is a very mysterious engine. Complete with an eerie silent engine, an ominous feeling that always follows his presence and the intimidating scar over his left eye. Despite never speaking a word, he tends to display playful, impish, tendencies through his very seldom façade. However, his entire back-story is lost in time and doesn’t seem to bubbling to the surface anytime soon.

Basis - GER Class F48
Theme Song -…

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Ivy Ivy - Happy by Cj-The-Creator - Secretly a Witch Stamp by Seiorai witchcraft by Girl-just-let-go-200 Deviantart Magic Stamp by Pixellover

Ivy is an alchemist engine. Equipped with her skills with brewing potions and her extensive knowledge on supernatural creature or other phenomena, she serves as source of The Krew’s knowledge on paranormal activities. She has a deep passion for alchemy that she has formed a steady job of fortune telling, selling elixirs, and providing magical know-how.

Basis - LSWR C14
Theme Song -…

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Kat Kat - Smiley by Cj-The-Creator - Police Stamp by ladieoffical And I Pack A Punch. by ImFeelingStampity But I'm Impolite, So... by ImFeelingStampity

Kat is a very tough engine. She has a temper that mirrors Madison’s which she applies to her job as a policeman to bring down criminals. Though she isn’t always angry, she plays an authority figure on few occasions and provides insight on the other Krew members as well as the law. She still has thick skin and isn’t afraid of pulling a gun on someone.

Basis - 0-4-0 American Tank Locomotive
Theme Song -…

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Lindsay Lindsay - Happy by Cj-The-Creator - Picard Impossible Stamp by Mirz123 Candy Stamp by WetWithRain Perfectionist Stamp by ERHBuggy

Lindsay is a very organized shunter. She has a history of being a personal assistant and having worked under multiple companies. She is very particular about things and trying to have things be displayable and perfect at all times. She is very good at planning things and usually is very thorough to ensure that things go smoothly and enjoyable at the same time.

Basis - NBR G Class
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db1 by RBSRdesigns

Piper Piper - Happy by Cj-The-Creator - Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Difference Stamp by DemonFlare2343 :thumb88360306:

Piper is a musical engine who tends to….march to her own beat, so to speak. She can be seen as sweet and harmless from afar, but she is confident, defiant, and expressive. Piper behaves like music does, she can get along with most people, be edgy like rock, mainstream like pop, laid-back like country, and boisterous like metal. She isn’t necessarily like Kat or Madison, but can speak honestly without losing her ability to empathize.

Basis – Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST
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TNO-794 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I've always wondered this but never asked until now: What made you decide to create Thomas sprites aside from DanielArkansanEngine's style or someone else's style?
Cj-The-Creator Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I started long before Daniel even joined DeviantART and I pretty much followed Zexion's style and made into my own because it looked the most accurate and visually appealing. It still is to this day.
TNO-794 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know you're satisfied with the sprites that you do, but would you even consider doing all the TTTE sprites again but using their Real Life basis as the sprites and not the show models?
Cj-The-Creator Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh no. That's not my thing.
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TNO-794 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I can't blame you there, your designs DO look nice.
Curtis-Parish Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016
Could you make sprites of the Mane Six for the human size of Thomas, please?
The height chart shows you how tall Twilight Sparkle is.…
NTSEFAN Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
Happy Birthday CJ!
Cj-The-Creator Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you
NTSEFAN Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
You're welcome.
MrDankEngine Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Student Filmographer
Happy birthday
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